A Second Set of Hands

Giving you the gift of time.

It is only the moment that matters.  There is no next time...        ~C.Chua

Everyone could use A Second Set of Hands

especially when it comes to having a party!

Are you planning a graduation, family reunion, birthday or special party?  The best part of any occasion is having a chance to catch up and enjoy your friends and family. 

Let’s face it though, when you are the hostess, you don’t get much of that chance because of everything you need to do. 

We at A Second Set of Hands take the stress out of having a party!  Whether it is the pre-party organization, day of preparations, during party details or the messy clean up,

A Second Set of Hands is your hostess helper. 

With years of experience, we can anticipate your needs and help you create a successful get –together that YOU get to enjoy!


Be sure to contact us early
dates fill up quickly!


Located in Pittsburgh, PA

We serve the surrounding communities.